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OUTFIT / All White

HEJ HEJ! Oh wow. It's been a while... I'm like the worst, I just don't have time. (Or do I?) Do I need to re-evaluate what I spend my time on, on an everyday basis? Haha . I don't know man. I work two jobs. At least 50 hours a week. At the end of the day I just want to spend all the time I have with my other half, my best friend, my love. It's hard man... But I love my blog! As well as everything it stands for. So, showcasing my new hair cut in this post. Heeeeey ! I decided it had to go, it was a frizzy, damaged mess. To be honest, I love this short hair cut and I think I'm going to keep it like this for a while. Or what do you guys think? This really pretty dress is from ASOS.COM , gifted to me from ASOS. (THANK YOU ASOS, you guys rock!) It's from the CURVE line. I love the lace detail it has, so feminine and chic. Also, white is a great color for summer, gives a nice crisp look. Also, it has a little bit of a sleeve, which I personally like

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