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Ams here we come!

Aw, look at the cute budgie's!

My fav song at the moment...

Learning Swedish

Another unfortunate event

Another busy day

BaratsAndBereta vids.

1 year anniversary

Finaly got the book!

Coming to a new Country...

Guess who?

Weekends over

Model falling - HILARIOUS!

Favorite things...



Kev Jumba is funny...

I'm pregnant?

Wise words from Crystal Renn

Thank you Q-Park!

Love in NYC

Trippin' pictures

Looking forward to tomorrow...

Confessions of an Ellos shoppaholic.

R.I.P greatest artists

Look what I made for...

Stupid drivers

Photos of Friends

Friends reunion

Swedish for immigrants

Today I feelt like a...

The photo of the week

Many bills for me!

My car

can't wait to see...

Waiting time

Such a pretty fat

Knee pain coming up...