Ams here we come!

I'm taking Jason to CVL today, god, must be like the 100th time we're there again. Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish employment service has as office there, and every Monday they have drop in. If we're lucky we'll get to have a meeting right away with them, or we'll just get another meeting booked another day. (which would suck...)

We should have done this much earlier but there hasn't been that much time.
The've been summer closed, yada yada, we've signed up for SFI, we've been to SFI info meeting, etc etc.

He's gonna sign up for a Step-in job and I hope he gets one soon!
(Step-in job is for immigrants that studies SFI, where the government pays 75% of the sallary, it's a way to get newely arrived immigrants a foot into the society and a chance to learn better swedish on the job.)

Wish us luck ;)


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