Another busy day

I'm so tired...
I'm working 4 night shifts in a row this week. I've already gone thru 2 night shifts so I got 2 more to go. I shouldn't complain, I need the hours and the money...but it's tough to have them 4 in a row.
I've had FOUR cups of coffee already, love black coffee...;)
Mmm, yummy, I sales women just came by the store leaving us some new candy. Foamy Ahlgens Bilar in a pink bag, for supporting the breastcancer fund. Oh my god, gotta put these away before I eat them all...
I shouldn't be eating candy AT ALL. I'm not really a candy person anyway, I'm more of a snacks person, chips, popcorn, peanuts...dangerous...but I love it.
I was looking at a picture of Crystal Renn just now, she's in a bikini looking fabolous, and I thinking, that's my beach 2010 goal ;)
Wish me luck, first step: only treat myself once a week, and when working staying away from fried stuff. That shouldn't be THAT hard, I'm gonna try. I need to tone my body. I dont wanna get skinny, I wanna get a nice shape.

I'm at my fathers store right now, helping him out, been ages since I worked here,'s very calm here, not much to do, thank god he has a computer here. *rolleyes*
After this, there's work at MAX's again and dropping Jason off for second class of Swedish for immigrants.


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