Another unfortunate event

I slipped at work last night and hurt my knee...again...
This time it hurt more then last time, and it almost felt like it was gonna pop, and...I almost cried out of shock and upset-ness. (if that is even a word.)
These are the thoughts that runs thru my mind...
-It hurts, Can I work anyway?, Who could possible come in and replace me at 11pm at night?, Why does this have to happen to me now?!, I want to work!, I have to take it easy.
And then Elin comes in and covers for me, and she's sick, I felt so bad for her. Of course it's her own choice but still...She has a fever. I hope everything went well tho after I left, it was mess, it's been busy at work everyday this week at night, especially, for 2 reasons (I think.) Ramadan and people getting their monthly paycheck.

I'm gonna work anyway today, the knee is still a bit stiff but, I can't afford staying home. Sad to say...but true. is the game where me and Jason met, it's an online-text-based game, and after playing almost 1 and a half year I'm growing very tired of it, I have reached my limit already, I'm a reasonable high leveled player, I'm in Hall of fame for defense and I have a gradient colored name, I'm looking to sell it for 160 USD. ;) and I have a buyer just waiting for him to get in the money first. And Jason's a Game moderator on an another server on the game, and he's got a buyer for his account for 250 USD. Score!
The money's gonna help out a lot. Kind of sad we're selling our accounts on the game where we meet, but whatever, we're together in RL now so...why not sell and bring in some extra cash on an account you havent even spent half as much on, as the amount you're selling for.
So sick and tired of Mafia death at moment, it's taken up enough of my time already. :) So I hope I get the account of my hands soon. that would give me an extra somewhat 1200:- in my pocket. Sweet deal.

Happy Friday.


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