Finaly got the charger that I've been waiting for from
Sent back the wrong one for exchange of the right one about 3 weeks ago...
Last week on wednesday, they said that they had not yet recived it and I got kind of worried, but then they must have gotten it thursday, but they sent it Friday, and then yesterday a letter came to me, see...
The first time the package got dropped of in my mail box just like that, which is great! but this time, I get a letter saying it's in Almunge...5 km away...what assholes!

And the letter says...YOUR PACKAGE HAS (note has.) ARRIVED.
But then in very fine print: the package can be picked up after 17.00.
(so, it really hasn't arrived YET. duh!?"

Now...that's when I had to go to work,! I couldnt go and get it yesterday, so today I have to drive 5 km the wrong direction cause where I really wanna go is in to the City to work on labels.

Fan asså!
Why couldn't you just have dropped it off in my mail box? Why do you have to be such assholes?
Why have I had to wait for 3 weeks? I swear to god, my package has been in your little "Recived mail box" at work, and you haven't really paid attention to it.

Now I have the charged, I pray to god it works :) and then I can finaly use my own laptop again, yay!


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