Aw, look at the cute budgie's!

Went by Maria and Amir's place after working on labels today, hung out for a bit, and she's actualy pretty spontainously bought budgie's. One male and one female, Gluton and Newton, the "fatty" is the male. :P The're adorable and I've completely forgot that there is Budgies on this earth, it was so unexpected haha, who buys budgies nowadays? Maria does :) a very well purchase! The're nice to look at... She set them free in the livingroom when I was there, they flew crazy all around the room hitting the walls, not knowing where to go. Poor creatures, but the male one found solitude on a plant and chilled there for a while, kind of blended in with his environment.

Saw the end of Lord of the rings 3, and have decided that I need to buy the trilogi when I get some more money, the're awesome, I've forgotten just how good the movies are, I already have the books and have read them and all, I was a complete Lord of the ring GEEK when the first movie came out!! I L.O.V.E.D Legolas, I seriously had the biggest crush ever on him then. (and then in the end, I loved Orlando Bloom for a while as well.)

Just lied down next to Jason and as soon as a touch him he goes....

- Ah my back is so itchy baby, please scratch, move a little *lies on stomack* now, scratch my back! no, under the shirt I can't feel it...*I start scratching against my will*...big paws! Hard scratches...harder, harder, hard scratches in the middle, all around! oh my god...oh my god, it's so ichty don't stop...

He always does that!! *sigh* and I dont always feel like doing it cause I'm out of energy and just wanna lie down and cuddle. Oh well, he pays me back sometimes with good massages.



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