Coming to a new Country...

I often forgett just how much Jason has given up to come and be with me in Sweden, his whole life in the states. His friends, his job and his family to start of with...
From having a good paying job to coming to Sweden and then not having a job at all.
From living with his family to coming to my home where my parents are going thru a divorce.
From having many childhood friends at home to coming here and having to find new friends.
It must be so different for him, living in New Jersey, just out side of New York city to coming to boring Sweden :P and having to live on the country side 2 swedish miles outside of the City of Uppsala.
He's positive tho, he likes Sweden, he says he needed to get away from Jersey since he's been there his whole life, he likes the clean air and he's excited about learning a new language and getting a new job maybe for an American company here in Sweden or a Swedish company in the states, that would be great!
He actualy meet an American guy and the SFI info meeting yesterday that had moved to Sweden for the exact same reason Jason has, for a girl *rolleyes* and he's working for an American comapany here AND it's a computer design programing kind of job, dont remember exactly what, and Jason was like "Get out of here!..." it is exactly what Jason would like to do as well.
What I'm trying to say is that, I often forgett, but I get reminded about what he's given up to be with me...and I realize that, man...this guy must really love me. I love Jason to death!! He's my man, the one that I feel, i'll be with forever. BUT! there's many close to me, family, that dont realize what Jason has done...and they just think he's doing nothing, NOTHING?! he's done soo much already, and it's not easy coming to a new country and starting over again, it takes time, and there's always a lot of waiting...some can't just mind their own business.
That is something that annoyes me a lot, people not realizing, like some of my family members, that is why.....I need to get the hell out of here and get my own place with Jason. There would be less struggle and less negativity affecting us everyday.
I could go deeper but I dont really wanna get to's just a struggle and i hate it...and it's sad that it's gonna have to be that way as well...
I just have to set my mind on myself and Jason and be happy for what we have and what we have going for us, cause what we have is great, it's love and happiness, no one can break that.


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