Confessions of an Ellos shoppaholic.

I absolutlely LOVE Ellos! (

Their sizes fit me perfect! The're affordable! They got everything you need! And one thing that i think is very very very good with Ellos, but also DANGEROUS (kind of) is that you can do your shopping and then...*rolleyes* pay it! But there's a limit wich is good. a limit of 4000:- so you can't buy more stuff unless you've payed off some first. I haven't reached that limit at all...wich is good, I'm still keeping myself under controll cause I can spend hours on Ellos and brows thru their latest collections and sale items. I recently bought 10 items for 1000:- which I think is...AWESOME! and + I got a really cute cup and bowl set of 4. Thank you Ellos!

The items above are some stuff that I want. The boots look sweet, and I like the different color,'s cute, but I have to make sure the'll fit around my calvs cause I have "arnold schwarzenegger" calvs. (like my old friend used to call them...I took it as a compliment it's good to have strong legs! means you can kick some ass!) I already have that colorfull patterned dress BUT! I WANT THE BELT NOW! :D The coat....the coat....the coat...ay ay ay...999:- a bit pricy but it looks classic and chick! The purple cardigan with the hood would go good with the shoes *rolleyes* and you always need stockings during Autum and the white blouse dress is a great basic item.

I go less to stores now, and I do more shopping at Ellos. At these times when the economy isn't the best you have to go for the most affordable choices and mine is ELLOS! :D (at least when it comes to shopping clothes.) Check Ellos out yo!


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