Favorite things...

One of my favorite things is my laptop, it's my very first and OWN computer and it's my baby. I finaly picked up the charger/adapter for the laptop and it fits, it's the right one, Hallelujah!
Imagine, I've been without it basicly for almost a month...waiting for 24.se to send the right charger to me has taken forever, remind me to...not shop there again even tho it's very cheap their customer support suffers.

Going to work early mornings this weeked, huh, I think I sleep like...3-4 hours last night, you're bound to be tired the first early morning after working night shifts earlier the same week, tonight on the other hand I'm already getting sleepy as hell! I'm gonna sleep like a baby...I'm so happy! haha.
I got stuck last night watching Miss Universe 2009, on youtube, saw the girl that represents Sweden and people commented saying that she looks like a female verison of Tom Cruise. haha! She sounded a bit dumb (so sorry) cause her english was crappy as hell (so sorry again). Oh well...Good luck I guess!
Saw another clip that made me laugh so hard I cried...I will post it later ;)

Got a music flash back when listening to an old burned CD my best friend Maria made for me back in the days when we...burned TONS of CD's like ALL the TIME.
Got to hear this...Big Brovaz, cool cool cool...I like it...I want diamonds as well. *rolleyes* Jaaaassooooonn....if you like then you should put a ring on it. ;)


Maria said…
Hello chinese puppy eye! :)
Kolla tjejen. Är hon seriös eller skojar hon?


Love / Maria

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