Photos of Friends

Some pictures from earlier tonight at the reunion party. To be honest i would I have liked it more if it'd been only the closest of us hanging out, drinking, being cosy, catching up, talking shit, but tonight there was a BIG party going on, lots of people there I've never meet, drinking games going on, and I was sober...and tired (went straight there to meet them after work.)...but it was nice tho, meeting new people is always nice...just wish I could have had a glas of my own with some wine or whatever. It was AWESOME tho to meet Rhia and Katarina and some other good friends where there too which was fun.

My babies. Rhia looking pretty as always and Katarina looking smookin' hot!
And me and my American boy. (*^_^*)
(click on pic. if you want to look at them closer.)


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