Friends reunion

I'm gonna see my backpacking friends tonight after work. (Negin wont be there, that's too bad, but she's back in Sweden now to stay after being 6 months in Italy.) That's the thing we've all been busy with our own shit for the past year after coming home from our amazing backpacking trip last summer. :)'s all keept us busy and this year -09 we've almost all been spread out, Katarina in UmeƄ (I think...or was it LuleƄ?) Negin in Italy, Rhia in also in Uppsala, but we've both been super busy, me with work and her with school, and Rhia's been gone all summer in England.
ANYWAY, tonight I'll meet up with Katarina and Rhia...and I'm so excited! I've missed them a lot. We always have so much fun together and we're just all very close friends...and it sucks when months go by and you can't see them as much as you'd like to.
I love friendship, and I love when you have that friend, that you know you have a strong bond it doesnt matter if you dont see eachother in 10 years, when you finaly see eachother it's gonna be just as if time hasn't gone by...the friendship is still stong and the same just as good as before.


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