I'm pregnant?

No...but I had this insane dream that I was, it WAS SO REAL! so real... woke up in the morning thinking that I was pregnant and got a small panic attack. "MY LIFE IS RUINED! NOOO!!" haha. no no...I'm exaggerating. Sorry, but I got a panic attack. But then I came to my senses that it was only a....dream.
The dream was wierd as hell tho. When I saw the images of the baby in the tummy...it was a....horse...and it's leggs were sticking out and made my tummy grow bigger. it was just lying there all flat against my back with the legs sticking out straight, and it just got bigger and bigger...and I was like, is that my kid? and in the dream I tried to forget that it was n actual horse growning in my tummy and just kept on telling Jason. "You know we're gonna have a beautiful kid right."
God, my dream is so messed up. Sandra & Maria from work was there...they didnt know anything...I kept it a secret, hiding the tummy wearing a big "prego-dress". Jason was driving a manual (he can't drive stick), I was back at my old high school for some odd reason, everything was just wrong! But everything felt real cause it was so detailed.
THANK YOU JESUS it was only a dream, I am so not ready for a kid right now...
I'm now awake and back to reality. :)
Time for a black cup of hot coffee before I head of to work again.


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