it's Jason and Jennifer put together, Jasifer, i dont really know how we came up with that name but I think that we were just joking around one night about what to name our kids in the future...Jasifer, great name, our beautiful names put together! Jason and Jennifer...Jason and Jennifer...great match ;)
This blog will be about us, Jason and Jennifer :P
(Jasifer lions club is a club you can only be intived to, it's the best club ever.)
Just kidding.


Anonymous said…
I DID IT. I feel like such a lazy ass right now. And to prove how lazy I am, I think I'm gonna watch a serie or a movie now...
Thanks for all those blog posts. I enjoyed this a lot. I'll be checking it out on regular basis to see if there's any update :). You're definitely part of my favorites. And you make me miss Sweden even more :(.

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