Knee pain coming up...

Anyone that has a bad knee will feel with me, I've had problems with my knee for...forever! It started with an injury of course, and since then it's been weak and fragile and etc etc. To have been knee injured sucks! cause the injury will come and haunt you for the rest of your life, more or less.
(I really should excerise it more tho and...hrrm...lose weight?)
ANYWAY...I hurt my knee today...and it sucks...I was on my way to work and everything...and I came out of 7eleven...saw a sign that I thought looked interesting...made a quick turn...and...I must have stepped awkwardly with too much weight on it, and snap!! it's done...that easy...
I can walk...but there's an uncomfortable pressure around the knee and it's weak and stiff.
(This has happended to me many many times these pasted 7 years, sometimes more serious injuries where i've been forced to walk with crutches, sometimes not...this one is not as bad...but still, it hurts and it sucks ass. It can go years without me injuring it, and then all of sudden it just happends, I can't prevent it really by being carefull, I'm so upset *Sadface*)
My angel co-worker Elin could come in instead of me, I am forever gratefull cause I really needed to rest. But I'll be back to work tomorrow, hopefully a bit that I can walk around without a limp at least.
Time to rest and flex the knee.


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