Looking forward to tomorrow...

Tomorrow, Me, Jason, Jordanos and Elin are going on a little road trip :) to Stockholm. Jordanos is sad enough leaving us for Stockholm, excited for her tho! Moving to Stockholm is a huge upgrade from Uppsala hehe. (if you HAVE to compare...but I do like Uppsala...it's cosy but somewhat boring.) So she's gonna pack her bags, bring her TV, and we're gonna take my FANCY FORD and head off to Stockholm for the day.
I'm Excited! We're all excited, we're gonna pump loud music, play "on the road" games, take tons of pictures, use my dad's GPS *nerd glasses on* love it.
Some may think, - what? all excited for that? that's nothin'.
WELL, it is for ME! cause I hardly ever get to do adventures things like this and it's my first time driving to Stockholm, so there! that is why...:)

Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow. Stay tuned and pray that we'll have a safe trip ;P


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