Many bills for me!

Just went out to get the mail from the mail box...we'd gotten some adds (as usual) and 4 letters...


to me! (I hardly get any like that ALL at the same time and ALL letters being ONLY to me and not my mom.)
...that was different, and an instant rush of adulthood hit my body.
- Vecko Revyn bill. (I'm really starting to digg their magazine.)
- Loan. (Stupid loan!)
- Car insurance.
- Tax payment on car.

Money money money...
It's easy to stress up over this, money, but Im gonna try to stay calm. At the same time as I'm supporting two people, just bought a car and paying rent at home...on a part time job...I'm gonna try to not think about money.
MONEY is important, BUT! the greater things in life are LOVE! ;)
So I should just enjoy life as it is...cause life is guud.


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