My car

So i got myself a Ford focus -00. for a decent price. (or Ford ficus like my dad calls it, pffh, like I've gotten myself a gay car?)
Pretty much, spontaniously we bought it...pretty much everything is working fine with the car (Ass warmer is still uncertain, dont think it works), it looked fresh, pretty cheap, has gone a decent amount of miles. etc.'s a Ford...Jason says.
"Do you know what Ford stands for?"

Ok. THIS is what FORD stands for:
Fix Or Repair Daily
First On Race Day
Found On Road Dead
Fancy Oil Recycling Device
Found On Rubbish Dump
Fast Only Rolling Downhill
Fucked Over Redone Dodge
First On Recall Day
For Old Retarded Drivers
Found On Rednack Driveway

Ford backwards is: Drivers Return On Foot.

Ok, I dont understand, what is so bad about Ford? I like my runs smoothly. I'm far...dont disapoint me Ford Focus, you're my only way to freedom dammit! Without you I'll be trapped out here on the country side. *throws fist in the air*


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