Stupid drivers

So, last night after the party I gave some of the girls a ride down to the center of the city, to the club...BJ, short for Birger Jarl. (The bartenders working there once had a T-shirt saying "I (heart) BJ" kind of looking like the famous I (heart) NY T-shirts, and that cracks me up cause BJ is also short for blowjob. haha! you know what I'm sayin'?)
When driving there, I came to a crossing, it's a weird crossing (Karolina redeviva eller hur det stavas-korsningen uppe på backen i Uppsala)...cause from both ways you have to yeild and I just figured since there was a guy infront of me at the crossing going straight, I'd let him go first cause I was gonna go left and cross his path you seemed reasonable for me then, and whatever you know, just go! I'm waiting...
So we both stood there, waiting for either one of us to go first...maybe for like 2-3 seconds...and then he goes...and then I make a left turn...and then the girl next to me says..."Did you see that? the guy pointed fuck you to us!" I was like WHAT!? "seriously?! did he?!" And I wanted to rewind time so bad so I could have seen it myself. AND! He did it double up. Both hands...pointing his ugly middle fingers to us, WHO DOES THAT? that is so immature and retarded, seriously, WHO does that?! I let you go first and you thank me by giving me the middle finger...thank you SO much...I hope karma bites you in the ass!


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