Swedish for immigrants

At last...
Jason can apply for SFI. :D
We've been waiting for his "person nummer". (personal number?)
Everyone in sweden has their own idividual last 4 digit number together with their date of birth.
Ex. 870615-xxxx. <----idividual personal number.
(for people that dont know)
For a change, I've had no one to ask for help when going thru this.
Always in the past I've asked parents etc etc. friends...for help and such,"How do I open a bank account?" "How do I change tires on the car?" "Where do I go to apply for this?".
None of my friends has gone thru what I've gone thru. My parents have (mom from Philippines dad from Sweden)...hm, but they haven't been that supportive of this relationship I'm sad to say.
Meeting Jason online is the most life changing experience I've ever had so far in my life.
After just a couple of months we were already planing to meet eachother, and HE actualy wanted to come to Sweden...fly over the ocean to see me in a foreign country. I feelt very special and it made me only want him more. We saw each other for the first time, it clicked, he stayed for 3 months...went home to the states again, and then we've been going back and forth for the past year, seeing eachother...and being away from eachother for a month at a time. (talking over the phone sucks.)
He applied for a visa. And I had no idea of how to do that really...But together we've learned and put all our energy on it to work. It's been a hassle...lots of paper work and long waiting...5 months to be exact. Getting the letter from the migration made my heart pound hard, nervous and excited at the same time I opend the envelope and read the acceptance of his residence permit in Sweden.
Now when he's finaly here to stay, there's more things to do..."Where do we apply for SFI?" "He needs a person bevis?!...how can I get that from the tax office when he doesnt have a 4 last digit personal number?" -Oh CVL is closed over the summer...-Oh we have to go to the tax office to fill in papers." ...wait is what we've been having to do after that...waiting sucks. I want it to go fast fast fast *snaps finger* hehe.
Anyway, NOW...waiting is over...he's gotten his 4 last digit personal number, and has now applied for Swedish for immigrants and I AM SO EXCITED FOR HIM! :D
Another thing, The tax office goes out with the wrong information concerning SFI. (at least in Uppsala) They say that you dont need the 4 last digit number to apply for SFI. They say that it should be fine without it...BUT NO. I went to CVL in uppsala with Jason, ready to apply...our number got called...and we had to basicly turn and exit right at the door step to the women's office, cause OF COURSE you need the personal number. *sigh* and I told her..."But the tax office told me that..." She cuts me off..."Yes I know...they give out the wrong information."
Dammit, TELL THEM THAT THEN, I just wasted gas and parking money for nothing :P


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