Thank you Q-Park!

I wrote before about how I've been waiting for Q-Park to take back the parking ticket they gave me. I told them simply I'm not gonna pay it because of this and that reason (I had strong evidence to my advantage) and i got this letter in the mail yesterday.

Svar angående invänding mot kontrollavgift

Med anledning av din invändning vill vi härmend meddela att ärendet avskrivits samt be om ursäkt för de eventuella besvär som detta orsakat dig.

Skickar med 2 gästkort som du kan parkera med på någon av våra parkeringar.

Med vänliga hälsningar och hopp om överseende
Q-Park AB

I forgive you! happy this is over with I always get too worked up over things like this, worried and a bit stressed and worried again, waiting...etc etc. worried that I'm in the end gonna HAVE to pay the 350:- just because they think I'm lying, But NONO, Jennfer aint a liar.
But then I got this from *sigh*

Hej Jennifer,

Vi vill meddela att en eller flera varor ur din best鋖lning har blivit f鰎senade. Vi kan dessv鋜re inte ge dig n錱ot exakt leveransdatum, men lovar att du kommer att f?dina varor s?fort det bara 鋜 m鰆ligt. Order ID: xxxxxxxx Leveransf鰎seningen g鋖ler f鰈jande produkt/produkter:
Such a Pretty Fat
Kvar att levereraF鰎 att h錶la dig uppdaterad om din orderstatus kan du n鋜 som helst g?in under
Mina sidor.

Din orderstatus uppdateras s?fort n錱ot sker med din order. Med v鋘lig h鋖sning CDON.COM

There always has to be something ey? and what's up with the chinese signs in the mail? replacement for ÅÄÖ, that's different, haha! I want my book...Such a pretty fat seems like a brilliant book, oh well, I guess i can...wait!...for that one too to come along in the mail box, I'm still waiting for my laptop adapter that...I've been expecting to come for the last 2 years (2 weeks hehe) and that sent to me this friday, damn the're slow. OH WELL...enough of my complaining...:)
Now I'm gonna kick back and chillax and have my black cup of coffee.

Good morning.


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