Trippin' pictures

Going to Stockholm was nice, but it was a pretty quick visit. We dropped off Jordi's things at her new apartment, it's fabolous, perfect 1 room apartment with a nice little kitchen area and REALLY close to the National museum of history. (I think you could call it in English) AND saw a movie at the IMAX theater Cosmonova. We saw "Deep sea" and got really excited when they in the begining showed that the narrators were Johnny Depp and Kate winslet, but...Hrrm, No...of course it was in Swedish. Boo! anyway, the music was by Danny Elfman tho and he's done some great music for movies like "Charlie and the chocolate factory" and many other Tim Burton movies. ( I LOVE TIM BURTON MOVIES ) So that was thumbs up...but going to the museum made me tired, too much to take in you know. (Elin fell asleep in the movie theater haha!)
Love Jen.
(Never got to see m-m-m-aria *sad face* My best friend in the whole world! I'll see you soon tho OK!)


Jordi said…
Jag snor bilderna :)
tack för igår det var trevligt. Får göras om nån gång snart :)

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