Waiting time

I've been waiting for a lot of things to happend lately, to my joy some of them have happend, but I'm still waiting for a few things...

What I HAVE been waiting for:
-Tax return.
-Go get my car. (which I could do when I got my Tax return.)
-Jason's "person nummer".

What I am STILL waiting for:
-My laptop adapter, that I sent back for exchange for the right one soon 2 weeks ago.
- Qpark to decide about my complaint, if I'm telling the truth, which I AM.

(Just realized when typing this that there isnt a lot of things that I've been waiting for...hmm...Maybe I've forgotten something?)
Anyway. I got my TAX RETURN! :D *celebration time* and now I have my car as well...Hurray! and NOW...Jason has his personal number, now he can apply for Swedish for immigrants. We were afraid his numbers were gonna come in late cause the tax office...hrrm, is a bit slow after vacation time. We're gonna go to CVL today and apply for SFI. IM SO EXCITED FOR HIM! he's been wanting for more then a month to get started now and finaly the waiting time is over for him!

http://24.se sooooo tired of waiting for them to send me the right adapter and I swear to god, that if it doesnt come in my mail box tomorrow and if I then call them and if they tell me..."No we havent gotten your return package" I will transform into a monster and tear down the whole house. I'm forced to borrow my sisters laptop atm, and she hates it. (most of the time) So, I NEED MY ADAPTER! (+ I sent 24.se an email yesterday asking how everything's going...no reply.)
QPark...I got a ticket...I'm not paying it cause...plain and simple...the machine printed out the time wrong, you can see that the number that is supposed to be a '2' is crocked and flattned and now looks like a '1'. but NO, I was not there at 13.41. Cause that is the time when I picked up my car at the cardealership. HAHA! in your face...no but seriously...I was there later that night...and the ticket is supposed to say 23.41. You guys messed up....Im not gonna pay, cause I havent done anything wrong...I paid my 6:- for a 3 hour parking...but it was not earlier during the day cause i didnt even OWN a car then...
"uhm...I just paid for parking....to park a car...when i dont even have a car" ?? doesnt make any sense and i hope they understand that as well...*prays to god*

The end.


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