Weekends over

All in all it's been a good weekend, I've pretty much only been working all days, but it's been nice. I'm starting to get used to early shifts, I'm usualy a night person and I dont go to bed before 2 am. (pretty much) or way later then that...so used to work night, I dont get many morning shifts. BUT! I've woken up in time, I've had enegry left after work...wich suprises me cause before after getting home from a morning shift (9:00-17:30) I pass out!!

I have the chance to (you could say) get promoted on my job, and I really really hope I'll pass the test, me and 2 others have the chance to go up as an assistent at MAX's. Really need the money and I really wanna move up so...I'm excited and nervous. Wish me luck ;)
I've had some time these mornings to, go thru some courses and learn what a morning shift leader does :) So, now I feel one step closer on feeling a 100% sure I can make it. I can't help it to feel a bit nervouse even tho it might go very well anyway.
I like my job, the contact with costumers, giving good service, working with some great people, etc etc.

Oh man, I'm starting to grow annoying zits tho, I can feel that one is growing on my shoulder....ON MY SHOULDER!? it's not ready to pop yet but I can feel it. and...also one on my nose :( wtf.

Night night.
tomorrow Jason and I are going to the employment service to sign up and also to his first meeting with SFI, I think he's gonna be informed and such about stuff I dont know...I'm excited tho...finaly he can start on something! :D Hopefully he can get a job soon too...Can't be that hard for an american to get a job around here...maybe? or maybe not? well...I hope for the best.


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