Wise words from Crystal Renn

Movie description:

Discover her natural charm and sensitivity.

Why not? With this slogan, MANGO presents clothes for women with curves, worn here by the model Crystal Renn. The Spanish firm has decided to adapt its sizes to suit every type of woman. The brand's aim with this initiative is to remind us that fashion is not just for the very thin figures usual for models, but rather that it belongs to everyone and that every woman can wear it.

MANGO clothes are designed to turn the woman on the street into a catwalk model, wearing the latest trends.The model chosen to launch this initiative is Crystal Renn, from the USA. Crystal has lent her image to the new catalogue, modelling several garments with the slogan Why not? Just 19 years old, Crystal is Jean-Paul Gaultier's latest muse and was the star model at the curve-à-porter fashion show with which Elena Miró ended the Settimana della Moda di Milano.Without the tiny measurements normally demanded of catwalk models, Crystal reveals herself to be a modern woman who feels beautiful and knows how to make the most of what she has, wearing the latest trends. With this in mind, MANGO has chosen to extend its sizes to range from 34 to 46, confirming that fashion can adapt to all shapes and sizes.

(I admire this girl a lot! GO FULL FIGURED WOMEN/MODELS! she's gorgeous!)


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