That is how much money I can spend for another 15 days...
that's not that bad you may think but...I'm supporting not only myself but my (wonderful) boyfriend. *sigh* Life is tough...I do good for myself. I do things right. I work my ass off, Today I'm not working at MAX's BUT I'm working on setting Labels, so really, I almost work everyday sometimes.
And then I pay rent at home, and then there's another person in the house that doesnt pay anything at all. *hate*
One thing you have to learn, there will never be a 100% justice in life! there's aways gonna be an asshole somewhere around you getting away with his or her shit...but what can YOU do? not much but to think...I'm a better person :) and good things happen to good people. (that is what I think)

Karma my friends, karma.
I'm just gonna keep on fighting ;)


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