Care-package sent from heaven.

Jason's mom sent us a care-package and it arrived today! :) She'd bought Jason some Shampoo and body wash, some shaving blades and "Right Guard" Deodorant. (there's a stupid joke; Why do Polish people smell good on the right side of their body, but smell bad on the left side? Cause they can't find "left guard" deodorant anywhere.)
And she also sent....3 bottles of hand foam, waterless, anti-bacterial, "on the go", love it. It's like anti-bacterial hand gel but this is foam, something I've never seen before, always nice to get new things, and it smells WONDERFUL!!! I love Bath and body works' products!

Jason's mom is the sweetest, she also added a package of Mac n' cheese for us!!! :D
She's great! I love the care-pack.
Alright, time for bed.
God, I wanna go to U.S. SO BAD right now, hopefully for Thanksgiving.


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