Chocolate brown

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Last night after work I colored my hair Chocolate brown, it doesn't show alot but it feels better and the hair looks more alive and has a nice shine to it. I'm very happy with the color, I strongly recommend it, Warm chocolate it's called :)
My hair does look a little bit lighter tho, so that's cool, we'll see if I'll put in some golden streaks as well later on, that would be really nice don't you think?
Elin also colored her hair, to a lighter blond color, she looks awesome as a blondie! Thanks to Jennifer we both good our hairs done that night! :)

Have to go to work now. *sigh* I really don't want to but...I'm so tired and I feel lazy. I sleept too long things morning, woke up late. Hate when that happends, I just keep on sleeping cause I have a good or interesting dream going on, or because I'm just too lazy to get up and I just lie in bed like a 10 ton rock.
Anyway, gotta run.


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