FarmVille Rocks

Enough said.
Won't have any time to write more today, woke up late, have to do all this things that I really don't wanna do, like drive to Almunge, drive to the city and dropp of Jason at School, and then what, what am I gonna do? I don't start working until 9pm, I which I could have just stayed at home and relaxed, brosed around ellos website, play farmvill, watch a movie, anything, but NO. I HAVE to do all these things to fit Jason's scheduale.
And my knee hurts a little bit too, I messed it up last night at work. It hurt pretty bad, and today after sleeping it's like gotten more stiff and there's a sharp pain coming to me every now and then when moving it around.
Fuck! What an annoying day. I just feel stressed, like always, stressed becuase I'm so tired and I have no energy to do all these stupid things that doesn't have anything to do with me. I just want to relax.


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