Free as a bird

(I think I enjoy making a nice breakfast more then anything. This lovely dish is easy to make.)

Almost. Just have to set some labels later tonight, and tomorrow I work 5 days in a row at the resturant.

There's something that annoys the shit out of me.
At work...I'm the cashier at the drive thru...I get busy, and I'm starting to get worked up and stressed. (cause I'm starting to be all over the place and you're taking orders when multi-tasking away from the cashregister.)
So another car pulls up ready to order *DING!* The people in the car screams..."HEEEELLLOOOO???!!!....*laughing* "Welcome to Max, I'll take your order in one moment, may you hold on for a little bit." The people in the car starts ordering anyway...I interrupt...(Not to be an ass but because I have to put down the previous guests order before taking theirs or else I'll get a black out and may forget.) "Can you please hold on for a little bit" (with a rather stern tone...the only one with another head set on was Jordi and she just looked at me and feelt the pain with me, hehe.) Anyway, when I say that they ALL BURST out laughing and screaming, very my ear....very loud. Then I take their order just few secounds after that, and I welcome them to countine to the drive window, and by now I'm really annoyed. They come up to the window and then start babbeling about the guy in the back thinking I'm cute and that he wants my number...when people say stuff like that makes me very uncomfortable cause 1.) this is a joke? 2.) You guys are not funny 3.) Stop making me feel stupid for you guys thinking I'm falling for your stupid jokes. They are like trying to butter me up...
YOU just don't know what to do in those situations cause you're stressed and you don't have time for small talk with strangers. The food is ready and I say "Enjoy your meal" and then the girl next to the driver, says "Can I get a toy for my son please, that would be soo nice of you please, my son would be so happy."
Hm........eeeh........Really they cost 10 kroner. but...either you say NO and a disapointed and angry customer drives away from the resturant OR you say YES and she'll be happy and so will her son. HM...however, the've been very difficult towards me, the person that I am...of course I'll give her a toy cause I'm not gonna be more of an ass that i may have already portraid myself to be, hehe, so I give her a toy...but I also added....just promise me you'll be more calm in the drive thru next time (with a smile) and they all have big smiles on their faces and thank me a lot...
Just before that a group of kids had come by, screamed and laughed and basicly made fun of me by asking rather stupid question, for instance if the meat is "Halal" and all I can do is be nice back and answer their question...even tho they laugh at me and yell, then they just drove away. Ah, what to do, what to do about some people...?

And I'm left there with mixed feelings.


Maria said…
I Looove your new blog design!! You are such a artyfarty. And btw - I admire you for being so nice to stupid costumers like that. I know how you feel :)
Lots of Love /BFF !!! :D
Zatine said…
Hahahaha oj oj oj. När sånna där mongon kommer ska du bara spela teater. Låssas att du är blond eller efterbliven (same thing) och flumma du med. Fundera inte så mycket på det be dom bara dra åt fanders och ta nästa bil :)

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