From Jason

Thursday, June 4, 2009
4 days left =)
wohoo...were are here..together..i love you i love you i love you jag love digI alskar you....i alskar dig Jag love you....Jag Alskar dig mia mor muchacha bonita senorita....puss puss puss pussI iz writing in the blog =)puss puss fem days babe...Fem.


Me and Jason had our own private blog that we used to write in when being away from eachother. We were usualy away fram eachother months at a time. One and a half month the most I think. So we used to write messages to eachother on the blog that was called "Until we meet again". He wrote that msg 4 days before he was gonna come to Sweden and this time STAY, and we were really excited of course, cause this one has to go home, we can stay together this time for a looong looong time.


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