(I dont really care what the scales says either. :) )

KAILEE O’SULLIVAN, a very pretty girl! this is an images from Glamour Magazine about a year ago? or more I think...anyway, I like how Glamour Magazine show curvy and full figured models, like they did with Lizzi Miller now recently, where her tummy is hanging down, well...that is normal to many women, we all dont have super flat stomachs. It's cool how they bring that issue up as well. I know it's a health matter too, not to be overweight and so on, but...it is not easy to lose wieght, esp. when you've always been bigger your whole life naturaly, like me, I've always been big, big as in, not obese but, I've always had a little bit more meat on my body.

It's important to always feel good in your skin, whatever size you are. It's great to pick up a magazine and then see, wow, she's beautiful, she's in the magazine, and she has a tummy like mine. It kind of gives your confidence a boost, if you know what I mean. :)

anyway, I seriously also wanna be "full figured" model, but...I'm too short maybe, oh well. it would be AWESOME wouldn't it. Anyway, I do wanna loose a little bit of weight, only for my health sake, but it's hard...I love food. hehe. and I hate to work out.


Anonymous said…
I've always been a fan of Kailee O'Sullivan! There's a great in-depth interview with Kailee here, along with many of her images:


The site's forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

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