I want to move!

^apartments in Gottsunda. Me digg. (low rent too.)
To be honest, anything would be cool with me at the moment. I just wanna get the hell out of home and Länna. I can't live at home anymore, too much bitterness after the divorce, it just doesn't work and I can't stand some people sometimes, like for example, my little brother, I can not live under the same roof as him, I'm sorry to say that, but I can't. As soon as I start working full time, there shouldn't be a problem affording my own place AND having a car at the same time. :) and if Jason gets a job, we can live the GOOD LIFE! ;)
I've been browsing around on http://uppsalahem.se/ and pretty much applied my interest on all the apartments they have up there, but...I've only been a member of the website for a year so my position in the waiting line isn't that bright, I could get a place in Gottsunda tho, the ghetto? it would be fine by me, if I live there I still have use for the car.
Another alternative is moving in with a friend, Me and my co-worker friend Elin have been talking a bit about it, maybe finding a 3 room apartment and then split the rent and such, that would be cool.
Anyway, I just have to get out of this place!!! I wan't my own space, I wanna be alone with my boyfriend, I don't want to hear my mom screaming for me every now and then- "JEEENNIFEEEER?!?!" me- "What is it?!?! she again screams - "JEEEENNNIIIFFEEEER!?" *sigh* oh god...

Oh well, I can hold out for a little longer, maybe around spring there will be more openings.

Tonight it's party time, Therese has gotten back from her 3 month vaca in Marocco and it's gonna be sooo nice to see her again, Me, Sandra and Maria have been missing her so much, hell, we've all been missing her!! :D

Pictures will be uploaded.


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