I'm low, low, low!

I was close to crying when I saw how much money I had on my bank account last night, I thought I had an extra 100:- but no, I had only 350:-. I'm gonna have to try to survive on this until Thuesday when i get my sallary. So, I've calculated that I can spend about 70:- per day, hm, gas, food and ciggs for Jason. It's gonna be tight. Why does life have to be so hard sometimes, I hate to struggle...I felt so depressed last night, of course me and Jason got into a huge argument, we can have a bad argue but then a couple of minutes later be fine again, I think we both need to kind of vent our feelings and thoughts, and we get all worked up and angry, but as soon as it's out of our systems we kind of regret starting the arguing in the first place. We ended up laughing and hugging and saying how much we love eachother, well that was most Jason I just cried and nodded my head.

Gah, I DO NOT WANNA LIVE AT HOME! My home is not nice, I have my room and that is it, I have no food to actualy cook besides chicken, cause I have no money at the moment, I have my top shelf and the bottom drawer in the fridge and their so empty, I have.....
- Yougurt 1L
- a package of Bacon
- a tiny bit of Fun light
- Some liver-paté
- a can of corn
And in the freezer I have....
- some frozen Chicken
- some Spinich
- some frozen mixed veggies
I also have 4 packages of noodles and 1 loaf of bread.
and the only thing to put on my bread is liver-paté yay...not.
So I enter the kitchen and almost every night my mom has cooked something that smells delicious.......and can I eat it?.......NO.......what happends if I ask?......she yells at me that I should learn how to cook my OWN food......
Excuse me? How can I cook my own food when I don't even have any food, you can't understand that I don't have any money? Ah man...it's just so wrong...I just wanna get out of this place as soon as possible.

I'm a bit happy today tho, I got my mail from job about how much money I'm gonna get the 15th and it was GOOOOOOOD! I'm happy hard work pays off :)


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