I'm waiting...

Ugly Betty must be one of my favorite series.

(Love the trio, Amanda, Marc and Betty.)
For the new season of Ugly betty, season 4. I can not wait to see what's gonna happend next, the last season finale was AWESOME! they left it off with a great cliff hanger (or what you call it, like always.) The guy that Ugly betty was together with Matt, but then broke up with her cause she kissed her ex-boyfriend Henry (WHY!? BETTY WHY!?), is now gonna ber her boss at MODE. Ooooooooooooo....snap....I felt so sorry for Matt, Betty was his first true love.
Season 4 premiers on Oct. 9th I think :D
What I've read, I think Betty is gonna get some kind of makeover. I saw a picture where she looks more....you could say...neat, however I love Betty's colorful och crazy style, but I think the've kept that to her tho, it's a part of her, they better!!!

Don't you feel happy when looking at her colorful outfits?! I do...(also, check out the last pic. of the makeover.)


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