Mark Fast goes full-figured.

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"This season Mark will present garments in different size groups that will be categorized alphabetically rather than numerically. The purpose of the alphabetized size options is to draw focus to the concepts of draping, density and volume as they relate to women’s bodies and challenge traditional notions of fit and idealized body shape."

Awesome Mark, in his spring and summer collection for 2010 he decided to feature 3 models of sizes 12-14. London designer Mark Fast is known for creating highly covetable sculptured body con knitted dresses that cost a fortune. The decision was not liked by all and one of the stylists on the show actually RESIGNED because of it. !? How crazy isn't that? Why quit your job because of this great designer featuring some full-figured models on the runway, and also resigning from your job when there's so hard finding jobs out there nowadays...Crazy person! That designers choose to feature full-figured models is a great thing in my opinion.

I quote:
"He/she must have been high on the smell of all that hairspray backstage and momentarily lost their grip on reality. The whole damn world is in recession, people are hanging on to their jobs like life jackets in a storm, and there’s one drama queen throwing a hissy fit and walking out over a size 12 model. It’s not your collection, just get on with it!" - (also the source for this post)


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