My latest buy

Spontaneously went to Gränby Centrum after a hard day at work with Maria. Found these nice looking leggings, Funky Stud leggings, love em'. The great thing about leggings like these are 1) They look like pants. 2) You know they will fit you nicely! (cause it's all stretch) 3) There's so many different kinds to choose between.
329:- I can already feel some economy pain. But, Jason's working a little bit now for my father, so money will come in, so, I can buy shoes and a new autum/winter jacket (I think) without getting worried if I'll make it to my next pay check.

Me and Jason has become really good at cooking our own food at home lately, It's cool. *proud* Today we made pasta with a tasty tomato sauce with some fish in it as well. Ok, it might sound wierd but it was really delicious.

Just watched X men - the wolverine movie, and now I can stop thinking about what kind of power I would have liked to have if I was a mutant! I wish I was a mutant a little bit after seeing that movie, I ALWAYS kind of do after seeing the X men movies. I do like the power of persuasion that one has, like, if Itouch you I can persuade you to do as I say. I could touch Jason and say "Jason, I'm feeling a little bit lazy today, let me piggy ride you all day."


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