(Noodles all day everyday all day long)

Finaly, I can chillax.
Been working all day today at MAX's, been what we call "Family weekend" this weekend, so we've had to many people's joy Max kids meal for 19:- which is dirt cheap ;) I had one myself, actualy I had 2. hehe.
So, I'm a poor bastard right now, I saw the sweetest gas prices on the way home, 11.89 :- and just wanted to fill up my tank, but no...I only have 300:- it's far from enough...I hope the prices stay low until thuesday. The BIG 15th of monthly pay outs, woho! Then I'll fill ut up good.

As soon as I get home I helped Jason out with his first assignment for SFI, damn it's hard, I feelt bad for him, cause seems to me that the classes doesn't teach you that much and most of the things you have to learn youself. Hmm...I don't know. It's tough learning a new language...But he's adorable, his accent is priceless! He just gets better and better, little at a time...

Now, time for NOODLES (The cheapest there is) and some shopped hotdogs mixed with it to make if more food-ish, we're gonna watch the new Harry Potter moive, I'm excited, the quality is so so, but meh...whatevah!


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