Petit models

A new season of Americas next top model has come out, cycle 13,'s insane how long Tyra's been pushing this show, I'm happy she has, I always enjoy watching ANTM. There's a twist to this one's season, the models that are cast are only below 5,7" what is that in centimeters? Something around 175 cm. the shortest girl in the group is 5,3 that's my hight. It's cool how Tyra decides to go against the pre-set model criterias. You DON'T have to be skinny and tall, you can be fat and short, seriously, and still model. Sure, you're options may be narrowed, but the you can still model and the model industry IS changing, we want variety...something else, something different from the usual. It's the beauty that meets the eye that matters and the ability to exude self-confidence.

My Cycle 13 favorite girls are:
(click on images to make bigger)

Laura (cause she's an adorable country chick.)

Rae (mother of one child) & Jennifer (GO ASIAN CHICK and we got the same name.)

Erin & Nicole (they both just got that model face and they seem down to earth)

I hope to see those girls in the top later on.
Of course there's some bitches in the group that talk shit and also an out-cast. But it's none of my fav's that is that person. Oh no no, me fall for the goody ones. ;)

Be sure to check out the episodes on youtube!


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