Remember Whitney?

Winner of Americas next top model cycle 10, Whitney Thmpson. The first "plus-size" model to win ANTM. I was very happy she won, I thought, finaly...something different. However, you could think that it kind of was set up, we haven't had a plus size model win yet, so lets make that for this season. (?) I don't know. In any way, I'm happy Whitney won, she's beautiful and it also shows that you can model even if you're not size 0, or a few sizes above. It's being told during the tme of the show that she's a size 14. Which I have a hard time believing in cause I am a size 14!!! (don't know what size she is today exactly...anyway)
"According to US standard clothing size Whitney falls into a few categories. Based on her chest size alone she can either be a Misses size 14 or Catalog size 8. Because her hips are bigger (making her pear shaped) she falls into Misses size 18 or Catalog size 16. According to a quote in her Seventeen spread she is size 14."

She looks like a sweet, cute and giggly blondie girly girl on this cover of Seventeen magazine. However, just found this photo spread when googling around, and wow...what a transformation! She really is versatile. I'm impressed, way to go Whitney, I'm happy to see that you're doing good for yourself :) and that winning Americas next top model got you out there in the model industry.

(love finding modelling photos of the passed winners of ANTM, it's cool to see what the've been up to after the show and see how their model career has been going.)


Anonymous said…
Whitney is a very cute model and actually it is amazing that she won antm, because usually those who win are super skinny and personaly i think that close looks much better on fears models then those skinny sticks =]
So, yeah go Whitney ))))))

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