Shoe mania!

It's getting colder outside and I can't wear my lovely sandals anymore, fuck! So, I need to get myself some new shoes, I have a pair of black boots already but the're too neat and classy and I want something more everyday-ish. Since got such a good deal and it's so affordable, I'm gonna have to buy my shoes from them. You CAN find some nice ones there if you look hard. I know, some looks maybe cheap and fake and so on, but I think I've found a couple of keepers, the ones above, however, I still haven't decided on a 3rd pair yet, since they have "get 3, pay for 2", why not, how can I say no to that, and if a get 3 pair I'll be good the whole autum and winter and maybe even spring. It's totaly worth the cheap price.

I'm excited! I'm gonna go by the store tomorrow and decide on a 3rd pair and then buy them, like, I keep hoping for some sun and when i get out it gets all grey and shitty and I stand there like a fool, freezing. And I only have pumps and high heels so...gotta get me some boots! :D

Work early morning tomorrow, so gotta get to bed and (hopefully) get some beauty sleep. (Since my sleeping sceduale is all messed up)


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