Shopping with brorsan

So, on my day of this very Sunday I decided to take a trip to the City of Uppsala...with my brother. I thought, he wants to come, great, he can give me some advice on which shoes I should buy. He's very into fashion and trends and such, so...he's a great fashion advisor, for me that is...Meh...a little off sometimes. It's funny how I ended up NOT buying the original shoes that I'd picked out before to buy, Phillip picked out some others and thought that they were nicer and more clean, I tried them and...Yes, they were, and I liked them as well very much!
Boots, Ankle boots and a pair of converse look alikes, love it! :D They seriously goes with EVERYTHING!! I could wair them with a princess dress and it would still look awesome! You know what I'm saying, they go with EVERYTHING, every style, everything! :)
Then at H&M I bought I pair of gloves and a big circle looking scarf that you just twirl around your neck, it's awesome!
Also, to my disapointment, The funky stud leggings broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I had them on, I was driving thru Länna, just exiting the village, and then I notice, I big frikkin' whole on the inside of my thighs! the'd broke, ripped open!? I was so disapointet, that is such a bad quality, excuse me, My thighs are not THAT fat and they shouldn't break that easily!? Anyway, I went back to the house, changed, and then returned them for cash back. Sucks big time. Oh well.
Wow, I've really gotten into a real craving for shopping, shit, The only thing I can allow myself right now is some shopping at ellos for a winter jacket, that is all I can afford for the moment until the next paycheck. I'm SO HAPPY for my latest buys tho! I'm very satisfied and I feel good.


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