Stupid Photobucket

To my suprise Photobucket had decided FOR ME that I would want to extend my membership as pro on my account. They automaticly used my Paypal and withdraw money from my bank account, Nice huh?!
I got so upset when i saw that, i really don't want their service anymore and I really can't afford it, I don't wanna spend 11 USD on something that I don't even need!!
However, after an hours worth of spending looking thru the help desk, I found that I am eligible for a refund, THANK YOU!
I want my money back!! *angry face*

Off to work in a little bit. Instead of working a short shift Im gonna work a long night shift instead, which is fine by me, I'm a night owl, and me like the extra money you get for working late nights, More hours for me = More money, which I REALLY need. So I ain't complaining! :)


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