"The God warrior"

It's apparently a show called "trading spouses" where they basicly swap wifes for a period of time. So this highly religious christian lady goes to this family which she thinks is DARK-SIDED. (lol) ehm, you'll see in the video what she means by "Dark-sided" and you'll see her go total nuts when she gets back to her home after the swap, she couldnt take it any longer, she's out of control crazy in this video! She's screaming, ripping the contract-check-with-money apart, or whatever you call it. My jaw dropped the first time I saw it...crazy, crazy, crazy...like, come one lady...take a chill pill. Oh and then she keeps the money anyway in the end after saying she doesnt want it after ripping it apart and shit...yeah, she keept the money. Pffhh...Chill pill Lady.

(if you wanna see more parts there are more on Youtube. search "Trading spouces - The god warrior - Pt.1 and etc etc.)

Just waxed off my beaver whiskers and shaped up my eye brows a little, saw the movie "I love you man" It was arlight, and now it's time for bed. :) soon, I may see the movie "finding forrester" as well, Jason wants too...so...I guess...we'll see that one too. I'm working night tomorrow anyway so it's OK if I go to bed late. :P Adios!


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