Upside down day

This is so passed my bed time really, should be sleeping right now but, I'm not and don't ask me why.
Had about 3-4 hours of sleep last night before the "big day" the test for possible going up as an assistent, but in my case and my other 2 co-workers, you know Elin and Emil (the hero who slided down the escalater.) we're going up as trainees, it's like the step before assistent buuuut, we pretty much do the same work, pretty much, more or less...anyway.
So glad that it's done, I'm happy to have moved up a step in the company and I'm excited and ready to push myself for any new challenge and I wanna learn new things and kick ass in the kitchen and kick others asses, no just kidding.
Ehm, Jason over sleeped, missed his appointment with the employment service, not really a big deal but it sucked and the sad part is that, I kind of new it was gonna happend, Jason took it hard, got upset and it kind of went out over me when it's not even my fault and it wasn't fair at all. So from going up, I went down as a rock, my mood got killed. I got home, we made up, I took a nap and Jason looked after me, and then I helped him with some SFI studies, and he's really learning, he's so cute, and then I stressed back to work, hate stressing, but oh well, got there and got into my new outfit, dark pants and a grey hat and a shirt that says "kökschef" which is awesome ;) mood goes up.
But then I lost a 50kr bill, and I'm soooo low on money right now so that brought me down again, but then, they made me feel better at work and I cheered up a bit and Jason stayed at the resturant the night out waiting for me playing with Elins super cool VAIO...or is it VIAO? laptop, it's white and shiny, it's beautiful.
And then after we closed we went by McDonalds and had Ice cream and talked about stuff, for example, you know that dictator from North Korea, did you guys know he only alows 5 different hair cuts in the country for men?! haha, that is insane...And did you know that Jason saw the twin towers go down on 9/11. God, that must have been surreal...
Anyway, I'm just babbeling along, maybe so uninteresting to read but, whatever, just feelt I had to update. Night all.


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