Welcome back Therese

Jason, Therese & I.
Sandra and I, 2:nd pic: Maria, Sandra's BF Alex, Sandra herself, John and Elin.
Susanna, Don't remember I'm very sorry & Therese, Me and Elin on 2:nd pic. doing the "fjortis"-min.
We've missed you Therese, And singing bird Sandra.
Retards, enough said.
Therese, Me and Elin and Sandra and ME and Therese!
Therese has finaly gotten back from her 3 month vacation in Marocco. It was so nice to see her, and we all gathered up and had a party at some of Therese's friends house, We played singstar, drank a little, and mingled around. Many from work came by which was really really nice! Richard, Frida and John, MY BOSS! came :D it's awesome that we "MAX people" hang out outside of work sometimes as well. That's why I love my job, you're friends with pretty much everyone, not always do we all get along, but there's hardly ever no real hard feelings, cause it's work...and nothings really personal. Any how, Later on the rest went to...BJ...Blow Jobs...hrrm, No, Birger Jarl...I kind of wanted to go out as well, but there's this forever long discussion with Jason about "CLUBS" that only single girls go there to hook up with hot guys and that it's a waste of money (which I can agree on) etc etc etc, BUT I love dancing, and being around friends, club music is the best, and I kind of miss that but...however, I am poor right now...and then I saw the 1000 mile long line to get into the club and I thought...fuck that, I want food, so Me, Maria, Jason and Amir picked up some food at McDonalds and went to there place and watched Wild things. And I got SO tired at 2 am already and started to burp wine taste up my throat, so maybe it was good that I didn't go to...BJ. (I hate BJ.) I had almost 6 glasses of wine, so I was fairly intoxicated. ;)
I feelt a little bit like a party pooper BUT I had an awesome time at the pree-party and it feelt like it lasted all night, so, I was very satisfied with the night, I do have a bad concious about the people at the party that called in 3 big taxi cars for us all to go in, that was a little bit over the top and could see some evil eyes looking at us when they saw us not getting in the taxi's, Wtf, Im sorry, we had a ride already.
Tonight, Me, Elin, Mattsson and Jason are takin' the car to go to Jordanos' place in Stockholm and we're gonna have some fun tonigth as well, yay. and later on, hopefully go to a club...YES, CLUB...I wanna dance...and I hope Jason decides to go with me, he hates clubs, BUT I wanna meet up with my BFF Maria, and she might go out.
Pictures will be uploaded.


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