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Americas next top model cycle 13, I will say it again, I can not get enough of Americas next top model. I'm gonna link you guys to a channel on youtube where you can check out the new season.
And my favorites are still in the competition, yeah! The're doing an awesome job, and I hope to see them go far, some of the other girls are...meh. One thing tho, Erin pushed her way thru, pretty aggresivly, during a challange which ended in bruises for another (pretty whiny) girl Ashley. (She's colored) and then Erin says when speaking one on one with the camera..."That's the way Racist work..." and continues saying something like...Racist walk/step on people to get their way thru...something...woah. was that a joke or were you serious? Erin's one of my fav. and this makes me kind of wonder if I should drop her because of her attitude. WHATEVER. :)
here comes some pictures.
(too Elin, warning for spoilers, I'm gonna continue to follow up on ANTM on my blog)
Erin the racist?
Go Jennifer! looking fierce!
Laura, the adorable country chick. Nicole or is it gollum?
The mother Rae


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