antm episode 6

(Brittany, Rae and Jennifer)
(Laura, Ashley and Kara)
(Sundai, Nicole and Erin)

The petit models went to Vegas and had an amazing photo shot with characters from Cirque du Soleil!!
The girls that did good in Tyra's opinion was, Sundai, Rae and Laura, woho! GO LAURA! Love that girl, she's so country cute. Oh yeah, and there's a new term for "smiling with your eyes!" Smizing, and Rae is Smizing like never before on her picture.
Looks like next week the'll be doing some sort of samurai shoot! I'm excited to see how that goes.
Still, my favorites are :)

(soon I'm gonna have to start narrowing them down to 3 favorites. More easy said then done.)


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