Curvy girls clothing

(click on image to get to website.)

($46.99 & $27.99)

($29.99 & $18.99)

Curvy girl clothing, 50% of the clothes look horrible, (Like this ONE (clicky) OVER MY DEAD BODY) in my opinion but some clothes are cute and pretty nice, like these above, picked out my favorites, the great thing about websites like this is that the clothes are often pretty cheap! One reason, since the dollar is so weak at the moment, the clothes become very cheap. Hurray! What I like is, they got slinky material shrugs, the "shrug is not meant to cover the entire chest, but the part of the arms that most curvy women hate :) " Lovely.
And also, they got sizes going up to 5 XL. :D

Ok, got to run to work, I'm late! (Somebody called in sick so my "3 days in a row off work"-thing got broken, but that's alright.)


Allyssa said…
Yeah.. I love those plus sized clothing too. Those are really lovely and trendy.

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