...The day...

I could notice some uncomfortable silences, however to me, it's never uncomfortable.
I could notice pretty much everybody was out of energy.
Everybody was MAX people except 2 people.
Nobody really was excited about the party.
It failed.

Is it my responsibility?
I invite you to my home, I set up nice decoration and I serve you punsch and snacks/food.
What more do I have to do?
Set up a game? something to do, alright, Karaoke...No ones up, I start...and then some jump on, and I feel a kind of a huge relif. GOOD, now people have something to do.
Some discussed the party AT the party. About just the things that I've written above.
I think, MY FRIENDS (that are not MAX)...are not around...it sucks that they are, either sick, busy with exams, or live in another city, studies abroad. The only ones I have, are friends from work, we are around eachother often...so we automaticly hang. So what is the problem?

Anyway, the final conclution that I have come to is that, WITH NO ALCOHOL, this is the party you get. pretty much. I'm sorry. A relaxed get together.
It's sad how alcohol has to be a factor to if the party will be crazy fun or just plain boring.

I'm sorry I'm going on a rant, and please don't take this personaly.
I did have a nice time, a really nice time. But as always, I'm worried about everyone else, did you have a good time? Hope you hade fun? bla bla bla...asking people before they leave.

Wrong day, wrong place, wrong mix of people. I've done the same mistake before and blamed myself for it at the end.

Thanks everyone tho for coming, I appreciate it a lot, and you all mean a lot to me. :)


Maria said…
Aw :(
Got my message???? :D
Kristel Knows said…
Ja, it was the highlight of the night, seriously. LOVE YOU!! thanks.
Zatine said…
Vi hade kul på slutet. Det blir aldrig roligt när man har party-killers eller när det är folk som ogillar varandra. Men det var en bra fest Jennifer. Jag hade trevligt :) annars hade jag åkt hem.

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